Rtx House Removals company ReadingRTX House Removals Service:

House removal services are available with the support of our moving company. We are very reliable organised removal company.  Services that could be obtained with assistance from us are packaging, moving, loading, unloading and relocating as well. Storage services may also be given on demand and you'll have the ability to save your household items along with your furniture temporary foundation and one routine basis too. House removals are only available for your help and you'll have the ability to receive your things to be moved with total care and there'll not be any problems .They will be loaded from the van with great care.


Packing is also a very important requirement and one must be sure that packing of all of the precious items are done with the support of qualified house removals. We know how your items should be packaged and what are the demands of packing for house removals. Packing supplies are the basic requirements of complete packing we are offering you packing supplies as well with the service . If you prefer then you can get it from the local stores. There are many types of boxes that ought to be used in packing.

Card board boxes have great significance in packing and you can get them from your service providers also. You should try to use packing paper for the covering purposes. There are lots of precious things at your home which should be moved with complete care. Packing includes some other packing materials as which can be really beneficial to pack them with ease. All of your household items should be kept secure and they should never be damaged while you're on the go.
You should be able to get everything according to your requirements at your new house. House removals give you high quality of packing service that can be really helpful for you. It is recommended that you ought to apply for the services for van along with a man. There are many sizes of vans as well and you have to apply for a van in line with the overall requirements of move.


We provide only the best drivers and the vans which are suitable and licensed vehicles for your job. No job is too big or small for us. with full insurance it will give you peace of mind. we are very flexible.

We come well prepared and have invested in equipment to allow for us to move your belongings efficiently, and safely.
• Heavy duty trolley
• Removal blankets
• State of the art SatNav

Fully insured
Goods in transit £35.000 
liability insurance £1.000.000 

Our Promise:
We promise to take great care of your belongings in transit, we have ratchet straps a lot of high quality removal blankets and trolleys for safe maneuver of heavy items, like fridge, washing machine. all items will be blanket wrapped and secured down in the back of our vans.  

We aim to always put smile on our customers face after every removal job we do, When it comes to moving houses we know how stressful the whole situation can be, so from on our side we can do is to be on time the agreed time and to reallocate your items safely and happily, and move you in a timely but safe fashion so items don't get damaged, and also keeping terms and conditions in our mind.