Whether you are preparing to move house, buying something from the internet or collecting goods from auction houses, often choosing man and van hire services can be a cost effective and convenient way of getting your items shifted. Although it might be a bit cheaper to hire a van and do the move yourself, often companies offering man and van hire UK wide will have teams of experienced movers working for them who are able to take the strain out of moving heavy and bulky items in and out of the van.


There are a huge number of man and van hire UK companies available to choose from, both in the local directory and nationwide, so when you are choosing the best service for your needs here are 5 important things to take into consideration.

1. An estimate is an estimate
With many companies, the price they give you over the phone is the rate they hope to be able to do the job for. As the job starts to take shape they might find that they need to add extra costs on, for example if the job requires large item delivery or a specialist mover for something bulky, so don’t rely on this early quote as a firm price guide.

2. Get them to inspect the job
If the job is a whole house move, for example, or large item delivery of something unusual, then get the man and van hire company to pay a visit to your home to discuss what you need moving and when. This way the movers can make a better estimate of the time, manpower and van space required to move your home entirely and will be able to prepare a more accurate quotation for you.

In the case where you are just shifting one or two pieces from a seller’s home or auction house, giving the company accurate measurements, weights and if possible showing them a photograph of the objects should suffice.

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3. Check their credentials
Any reputable man and van hire UK based company has to carry adequate insurance. As well as insuring their van and driver and protecting the public against damages caused by anything in their custody, the man and van hire company should be adequately insured to cover the cost of everything they are transporting for you. Imagine if the van was stolen or burned to the ground and consider whether you could replace all your possessions for the amount they are insured for.

4. Pack appropriately
In the case of items coming from auction houses or private sellers, you are somewhat reliant on the people at the other end for this, but you can give them some advice and agree that damage caused by bad packing will remain the fault of the seller. In cases where you are moving your own belongings, ensure to pack adequately. Some moving firms offer a packing service, which can be highly advantageous in terms of saving you money and hassle, so don’t write it off before you think it through!

5. Check everything at the other end thoroughly
Although it can be tempting to unpack boxes one at a time over many days, when a Man and Van Hire UK company has moved your belongings it is a good idea to open every box as soon as possible and check the contents thoroughly. The sooner you file a claim for damage, the more likely you are to get it paid, so check all your items and contact the company immediately if there are any issues.

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